Plans & Pricing

I offer health coach programme for people to achieve their goals. If you think it is the correct time to change your lifestyle for healthier life, please get in touch and book your first free of charge virtual session. Lets have a new start for healtier life.

Goal Setting Package


15-minutes initial phone consultation

1 x 3 hour intensive session

Master Your Healthy Life


60-minutes initial phone consultation

1x 2 hours session in which we will go through a full health and family health history, your current lifestyle habits plus your future health and lifestyle goals in detail

11 x one-on-one coaching sessions –in-person or online

Email/text message support

Benefits of working with a Health Coach

Health coachs are there to serve as your health behavior change expert. They are experts in the health and wellness field and trained to help you work towards achieving your personal health and wellness goals.

A health coach focuses on the whole you. Health coaches consider the way one’s work and home routines, personal relationships, and employment satisfaction, as well as emotional and spiritual health can shape an individual’s sense of well-being. You may work on different areas of health and wellness that are all related to  health and wellbeing – mind, body and spirit. These include:

• Exercise and Rest

• Nutrition Habits

• Physical Environment

 Relationships and Communication

• Spirituality

 Personal and Professional Development

Working with a health coach will bring you benefits such as:

•Several studies have shown health coaching to be effective in improving various aspects of health

•Health coaches create a personalized health plan based on your needs and goal. There’s no “one size fits all” solution. 

•A health coach helps you to discover and tap into your own inner motivation. Beside this, working with a health coach helps you develop your sense of self-efficacy too.

 They can help become your navigator. Confused about what to eat? What about dairy products? There is no single global answer to these questions, but a health coach can help you determine what is right for you

 When someone knows that someone has given feedback, they are more likely to meet the goals they have committed. This is to vital for people to disipline theirselves. Research shows that social support makes people more likely to stick with behavioral changes.

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